AdvantageCARE by Ken Garff Automotive

AdvantageCare $129.95 Save Up To 45% 3 Oil Changes, Tire Rotations, Car Washes V8 $149.95 Diesel $239.95

Frequently Asked Questions About AdvantageCare.

Q: What is AdvantageCARE?

A: Think of AdvantageCare as a package deal. You can buy 3 oil changes, 3 car washes, and 3 tire rotations for only $129.95. It’s the premiere Service Package that Ken Garff Nissan Riverdale offers its customers.

Q: Is AdvantageCare a good deal?

A: You save up to 45% when you buy AdvantageCare versus buying each product individually. You matter to us as a customer, so we want you to save money where you can.

Q: What if I forget that I bought it?

A: It wouldn’t be the first time that someone forgot about servicing their car. So, at Ken Garff Nissan Riverdale,when we haven’t seen you for a while, and we know you have AdvantageCare, we’ll send a reminder to make sure you don’t forget.

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